About our bookstore

We have an incredible collection of used books that include both fiction and non-fiction. If you are looking for a new author to read or something out of the ordinary we are worth the visit. We are also planning to expand our collection into specific subject fields in the future.

The Moonstone has also created an online store and in the coming months will begin to upload a partial listing of our books for purchase along with other items that we sell. The store is operational and functional and there are some books now listed. We regularly post books for sale on our Facebook page too.

There is also a chance to have a cup of coffee or tea, or during the summer, a glass of lemonade or ice tea and a kolache, a Czech dessert roll that is common here in Nebraska. We also have other snacks.

In addition, we have begun a series of programs called A Conversation With . . . in which we host speakers with a wide range of interests and expertise. It is our hope to create a place where all kinds of conversations can be undertaken.  They may take the form of lectures, readings, musical events and gatherings for social occasions.  We are also featuring the work of regional artists in the store on a regular basis.

Come and visit us here in historic Red Cloud, home to the Willa Cather National Center.